Maintain Healthy Copper Levels in the Body

Maintain Healthy Copper Levels in the Body

Copper, a natural mineral, is found in many foods, such as soil or water. It is essential for the body because the body needs it to produce energy as it is a trace mineral. In addition, the body also needs it to absorb iron from many things and keep the bones healthy and effective.

Copper is also responsible for producing connective tissues and improving the functions of the immune system. Besides its many functions in the body, copper is also effective in the synthesis of red blood cells. All these actions of copper make it essential for you to consume it from different natural sources.

But many people don’t pay attention to consuming it because they don’t know the importance of this mineral for their bodies. If there is a copper deficiency in the body then it will lead to many problems. But the question is how you can come to know that you have a copper deficiency.

Well, a blood cp test can help in knowing the levels of copper in the body. Additionally, more information about cp blood tests can be obtained from the blood cp test price in Pakistan. This test will help you in increasing the levels of copper in the body.

Now, again we come toward copper benefits for the body. Copper helps the body in forming key antioxidant enzymes. Unfortunately, if you experience low copper levels in the body, then the chances of weak bones and anemia will increase.

In addition to increased risks of bone problems and anemia, copper deficiency can also cause iron and vitamin B12 deficiency. However, to prevent these problems you don’t need to consume copper in higher amounts because increased copper levels will also lead to several problems.


Foods to Maintain Copper Levels

Here are foods, for maintaining and increasing copper levels, that will also help in increasing many other minerals and nutrients in the body:

1. Oysters

Maybe it sounds odd to you to eat oysters because for some people they don’t taste good. However, if you don’t like the taste of oysters then you also need to try to eat them to consume copper in healthy amounts. Shellfish have many types and oysters are one of them. You can cook them if you don’t like their taste.

But a number of people also love to consume oysters in raw form. In addition, if you are losing weight then oysters will also be good for you because they are low in calories. Oysters are not only low in calories but also high in many minerals such as vitamin B12, zinc, etc.

Besides these nutrients, oysters also provide your body with copper in good amounts. If you eat or consume one hundred grams of oysters, then this amount will provide you with 7.6 mg of copper.

However, many people show their concern about eating oysters because they think that oysters are high in cholesterol. And if they consume cholesterol-full foods, it may lead to several problems.

But the answer to this concern is that if you don’t have any genetic condition, foods like oysters will not increase your cholesterol levels. Therefore, you can eat oysters without any concern.


2. Nuts and Seeds

When it comes to maintaining health without facing any difficulties, nuts and seeds are the best options. Because they are a powerhouse of many nutrients. When you consume nuts and seeds you get fiber, protein, and protein in good amounts that play role in maintaining good health.

As you know every single nut and seed is full of different nutrients and minerals, and they also contain copper to keep the body healthy. Almonds, sesame seeds, as well as cashews can be effective options for you to consume copper along with many other minerals in higher amounts.

The taste of nuts and seeds is just awesome and you can enjoy them at any time throughout the day. Plus, you can also add these nuts and seeds to make your cooking delicious and tastier.


3. Liver

The taste of the liver is not just awesome but it is also nutritious. If you eat the liver of cows or any other animal, then it would provide choline, vitamin A, vitamin B9, etc. In addition, the liver is also a good source of copper and it can fulfill your daily requirement.

If you consume sixty-seven grams of calf liver, you will get 10.3 milligrams of copper without facing any trouble. If you don’t like the liver taste, many options are there to make it tastier and you will start loving it.

You can fry the liver with onions and tomatoes in olive oil to improve the taste. However, it can harm the life that is inside your belly. Therefore, don’t eat liver meat if you are pregnant.



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