How Can One Determine Value For NFTs?

How Can One Determine Value For NFTs?

NFTs are everywhere. NFTs are perhaps most known for their wide range of morphologies and extreme value variations. NFTs are obviously speculative assets, and people’s perceptions of their value might vary greatly, however there are some basic methods for estimating NFT prices. 

Determine the category of the NFT value before evaluating it. You will need to consider a utility NFT differently than a music NFT, for example, when determining what defines the value of an NFT. Additionally, buying a metaverse asset is not the same as buying a collection. Before making a decision, there will be questions for each category.

By learning about the various elements that affect NFT value, you’ll be a step ahead of the game. Since most purchases are motivated by emotion. After reading some Twitter excitement or observing a recent price increase, they’ll start “aping in.” You can use this article to assess NFTs categorically with objectivity.

What Establishes an NFT’s Value in the Art Category?

Examine the following first before determining the NFT value for a work of art:


  • The Artist

Look into the background and previous works of the artist, not just the NFT in question, before purchasing any NFT artwork. An excellent place to start is by going to their website and social media pages. You can gain a better understanding of the artist’s creative process and level of longevity by studying about their background. Finding a brand-new NFT artist at the start of their career before anyone else is interesting. On the other hand, you can unintentionally purchase an NFT from a “flash in the pan” who isn’t likely to stick around the art world for very long.

  • Aesthetics

The aesthetics of a piece of art suggests how much enjoyment the viewer derives from it. Look for elements like content and visual harmony while evaluating aesthetics. Does the NFT art succeed in making the viewer feel good or make them feel bad? In other genres, an offending work of art is not always a deal breaker, which brings us to our next issue.

  • Genre

You must ascertain the genre to which the piece of art belongs in order to evaluate NFT value. Is it photography, conceptual art, or generative art? Or is the NFT merely a computer rendition of a real-world object, such as a painting? You can better comprehend an artwork’s position in the NFT art scene by determining which genre it falls under.

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  • Scope

Examining the scope entails determining whether the piece of art is an original or a part of a limited run. What establishes an NFT’s worth? One aspect is the project’s size. If it is a single work of art or part of a limited edition, you must be aware of it.

A painter will produce one original work of art in the conventional art world before selling limited edition digital prints of it. The value of each digital print will be higher if there are only 100 available than if the artist produced 1,000 copies. The process for calculating NFT value is the same. An NFT artist might continuously produce a series of their pieces, which would lessen the value of the original piece. So, before investing, be aware of the project’s scope.

You will have a greater understanding of what defines an NFT’s worth after reading this checklist, and you may use that understanding to apply to other categories.

Markets may shift swiftly in the cryptocurrency space, and volatility is a key component in understanding crashes.

Determining NFT Value in Games

Here are some crucial inquiries to make while looking into gaming NFTs.

  • Authors

A team with competent designers and gaming industry professionals is one thing to look for. In the market, individuals who have made it their life’s work to create games will do better than others who are just getting started in the hope of making a quick cash. However, newcomers can arise seemingly out of nowhere with a ground-breaking idea that no one has ever considered before. Therefore, it is helpful to consider both perspectives when figuring out NFT values in games.

  • Genre

Many NFT games will be categorised within a modern category, such as trade or sports games, MMOs, or role-playing games. Decide where the project you’re analysing falls into that context. Some games will be easy to create, while others will be more difficult and require a lot of time and work. This page explains how to change an NFT into an in-game item.

  • Concept

You should also think about how the NFTs affect the gameplay. Additionally, discover how the NFT business model is applied by game developers. Do they offer NFTs for direct user purchase? In that case, how many do they sell? Or do they rely on game-related income? Is their NFT business model long-term or just short-term? Keep in mind that the game must be engaging and playable. Therefore, be sceptical of a team that is more focused on marketing NFTs than making a fantastic game. The two must work well together.

  • Play Worthiness

You should think about whether the game is even playable yet when determining an NFT’s value. Before gamers may utilise their game, some projects begin to release NFTs to increase money. Teams who have already created a playable game, however, are supporting a less dangerous endeavour.

  • Technical Information

Take note of the chain and token standards used by the NFTs. Depending on the blockchain the designers choose, these may change. Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Ronin are frequently included in the mix. You’ll also discover a lot of Web3 games developed using sidechains or Layer-2 scaling solutions because to their low transaction fees. Web3 gaming will continue to be dominated by non-Ethereum blockchains as long as the ETH developers don’t adopt Ethereum 2.0.

While we’re talking about Ethereum, Solana is one of its rivals. Some believe it to be a “ETH Killer,” while others do not. Please read our post on Rust & Solana to learn more about this blockchain.

  • Roadmap

Plans that have been made public are essential since they let you know how a team is doing. Examine the roadmap to see whether any “feel-good fluff” that the marketing department is posting is something the team will never commit to. Or do they timely abide by the directions on the map? However, you shouldn’t be overly rigorous in this regard. Depending on the situation, flexibility is crucial. The team might have to go away from their original plan if the market shifts or if an unexpected incident occurs. Consequently, bear that in mind as well.


Digital Land and the Metaverse

Virtual land NFTs analysis also needs additional research.

  • The Creators

Look into the team’s background and performance in the Web3 industry. Also noteworthy is any other relevant experience in building virtual environments.

  • Featured Technical Features

Find out which blockchain, such as Ethereum, Polygon, etc., the digital land is on.

  • Land Provision

How is the NFT supply being managed by the builders? Is the amount of available digital land fixed? Or is there no end to the supply? Future prices will be impacted by scarcity considerations, so understanding the project’s objectives is crucial. Determine the land release’s pace as well. Will they make a full-scale land grab offer? Or will the sales happen gradually over time?

  • Structure

The complexity of land builds is another factor to consider. Would you be able to construct the metaverse land plots yourself, or will you have to employ developers? Likewise, decide what you can make. With any future additions to your NFT property, you want to increase its value.

  • Accessibility

Is this virtual environment more like a walled garden than an open field? Can visitors and strangers explore the grounds to play games or view virtual performances, in other words? Or is the available space exclusively for NFT holders? More accessibility generates more attention, social media shares, and future participation opportunities from other people. So, take such aspects into consideration.

  • The area

Location is crucial in real estate, both in the physical and digital worlds. What therefore establishes an NFT’s worth in the metaverse? Location is a key consideration. As a result, you should research the contexts of potential locations to gauge their desirability. Moving into the digital neighbourhood of celebrities and prominent clientele is a good sign for property values.

  • Users

How many users are currently logged in? Another crucial indicator to monitor is users. An NFT initiative with active participants is much preferable to funding a virtual ghost town. A project can take off with dedicated users. More significantly, no matter how fantastic a project is, it will be of little use if no one knows about it or cares.

  • Market Data 

To evaluate the project’s viability, look at market data such as market cap, trading volume, and holders. Did you know that you can develop your own metaverse? 

Conclusion: What Affects an NFT’s Value?

So what factors into an NFT’s value? As you’ve already discovered, it depends on the various elements that each category has. The good news is that you can sharpen your analytical abilities while calculating NFT value with practice. 

Additionally, by learning more about the categories and their range, you’ll be able to study NFTs from a variety of perspectives, including art, video games, metaverse places, and everything in between.



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