How To Launch an Offshore Business and Start Doing Business In Vietnam?

How To Launch an Offshore Business and Start Doing Business In Vietnam?

You’ve conducted market research and taken exploratory trips to Vietnam, and now you’ve made the decision to launch your firm. But where should we begin? How can I start an offshore business and set up company Vietnam? This post is for you if these thoughts keep running through your mind. But it’s crucial to carefully consider your alternatives in Vietnam before moving further.


Exactly How Necessary Is a Company Entity?

The most common technique is to create a formal corporate corporation, but doing so requires significant upfront expenditures and work. Additionally, especially for startups with a tight budget, the large maintenance expenditures for office rent, HR personnel, finance accounting, consolidation with corporate HQ, and tax reporting can be highly scary.

Offshore startups frequently work with local advisors and spend more money to fix any legal issues in order to minimize the danger of business/financial fines due to non-compliance. Fortunately, there are a few options to set up company Vietnam that may initially satisfy your needs.


A Local Company Reseller or Distributor:

A trustworthy local distributor or reseller will significantly boost your chances of breaking into the market if you’re trying to sell your goods or services in a local area where you don’t have any insider information or expertise. Startups can overcome market restrictions when it comes to extending their goods or services abroad by utilizing connection networks and sales channels, local ownership advantages, and operating licenses.


In fact, your distributor or reseller may be able to handle all local transactions, so you may not even need to form your own organization. After your business has established a solid foothold and foundation in the neighborhood, you might think twice about forming a formal corporation.



Vietnam’s affordable and highly qualified human resources make it the perfect location for outsourcing workers. Therefore, offshore or outsourcing through a reputable service provider will be your best option if your goal is to join the market with the intention of utilizing the local labor force and gaining access to talent for operational purposes. This is when employing an offshore service provided by a third party is useful. Clients may hire staff and set up company Vietnam without worrying about creating a legal presence thanks to their expertise in hiring IT talent.

It will be more practical to have a legal entity take on the legal and operational obligations of managing your new offshore staff after getting assistance and guidance from your reliable outsourcing partner.


Reprographic Department:

Best suited for entrepreneurs looking to enter a new market for the least amount of money. Set up company Vietnam as the representative office is unable to earn money or engage in direct business transactions since they are not permitted to issue invoices. They are helpful for doing market research, locating investment possibilities, and connecting with or assisting regional business partners, and are thought of as a somewhat less expensive option.


A Step-By-Step Guide to Incorporation Success:

When you have chosen the best legal structure for your business, you need to answer the following question: “How to setup company Vietnam?” In other words, incorporating it is the next stage. In order to make the procedure easier to grasp, we have broken it down into two phases below!


Pre-Incorporation Analysis and Advice:

  • Investigate the many corporate entities that might be used by your company.
  • Recognize the prerequisites for your company license.
  • To gather essential information, do market research, including marketplace and consumer insights and competitive analyses.

Application For a License to Invest:

  • Complete the incorporation application and submit it to the appropriate authorities.
  • Original legal documents are notarized and legalized.
  • Vietnamese translations of the original paperwork (if required)
  • Send the application to the licensing body, and keep an eye on things while it is being approved.

Last Words:

It’s not simple to set up company Vietnam. Even large companies still encounter significant challenges when establishing their offshore operations. Finding the best route to grow and expand effectively is so essential for startups and SMEs.



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