13 Selfcare Apps That Treat Yourself Better

13 Selfcare Apps That Treat Yourself Better

1. For self-care and better health of yourself, Journy

Journy is the most economical app ever. Especially considering how moderate he is in his methodology. Journy: Take care of yourself Motivation app Day Organizer is one of the most amazing selfcare apps due to its design combining various substances like funds, well-being, connection and so on. You can find learning through interesting methodologies. Start taking great notes to help you keep track of what you’re doing and what to do from here. You can actually follow the daily schedule of the greats. By enormous we also mean VIPs, competitors, important financial specialists and so on. You can use Journy for a free trial for a few days and then get selective benefits like recordings, offers and many different things.

Instead of starting your day tired and unmotivated, change things up with a few certifications designed to focus on your mindset for progress. Each day you will receive another confirmation to guide you further. So you’ll always have something really new to focus on to jump-start your energy and gear for a positive state of mind.

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2. For a gentle reminder to take care of yourself throughout the day, try Aloe Bud

Through beautiful and encouraging push notifications, Aloe Bud brings awareness to the small essential ways to take care of yourself, such as drinking water, eating and connecting with friends. With her endearing approach to self-care, she’s perfect for people struggling with depression or other mental health issues that make self-care difficult.


3. To create a personalized self-help toolkit for your mental health, try My Possible self

After an initial assessment, the selfcare app suggests a personalized self-help plan designed to help you work on what you need most – like managing stress and anxiety, coping with loss, building confidence and dealing with irritability. All of the guided ~learning modules~ are based on established forms of therapy, so it’s like having a pocket therapist.


4. To avoid products with potentially toxic ingredients, try Think Dirty

With this app, you can scan the barcode of products (such as beauty and skin care products or cleaning products) and analyze the ingredient list almost effortlessly. It then breaks down the potential risks associated with the various ingredients so you can choose as an ~informed consumer~.


5. For healthy meal planning help, try Mealime

Keeping up with healthy eating habits can be a chore, but this app makes it super easy. After you enter your personal preferences (such as how much meat you eat or what foods you don’t like), it gives you recipes you can make in less than 30 minutes, plus a grocery list.


6. For a highly accessible introduction to meditation, try Headspace

Headspace is a guided meditation app that can teach even skeptics the benefits of setting aside a few minutes of mindfulness each day. Billing itself as a personal mind coach, it offers general guided meditations plus those specifically aimed at things like sleep, work performance, grief, creativity and relationships.


7. For the cutest hydration motivation ever, try Plant Nanny

This cute little app uses a cartoon plant to encourage you to drink water throughout the day. Set a daily water intake goal and help your plant grow by drinking.


8. For stress, anxiety and depression, try Pacifica

Based on cognitive behavioral therapy, this selfcare app allows you to assess and track your mood over time and log your thoughts to identify thought patterns and discover and track potential triggers. It also has guided deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises, daily anti-anxiety experiments, and a place to track health goals.


9. To find the perfect time to wake up feeling refreshed, try a sleep cycle alarm clock

This app analyzes your sleep cycle and wakes you up in the lightest phase of sleep, which is also the best way to avoid being groggy and wanting to fall asleep. Wizardry.


10. To make sure that late-night phone use doesn’t harm your sleep *or* your eyes, try Twilight

It reduces the blue light on your screen – or light that can interfere with your sleep quality – and starts dimming the screen around sunset, depending on when you set the timer.


11. To connect with a professional when you don’t want to go it alone, try Talkspace

Most people can benefit from therapy, but not everyone has access to it—or the desire to do it face-to-face. Talkspace, a text therapy selfcare app, is a convenient and discreet way to deal with depression, anxiety, stress, chronic illness and more.


12. If you want to make maintaining good habits feel like a game, try Habitica.

This app is kind of like a bullet journal…if your bullet journal was an old-fashioned RPG game. Basically, you enter the habits you want to follow, your daily to-do list, etc., and by completing them, you level up and unlock features like armor, pets, skills, and tasks.




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