If the metabolism in the body is good, and all the calories received quickly burn out, while the person is tall or short, and he wants to build muscle mass, but nothing works – what to do? People come in different configurations and types of structures, and the type described above refers to aesthetics, who find it difficult to gain weight.

And although this is not easy, it is possible if certain rules are observed. If gaining muscle weight is extremely difficult, this does not mean that you are sick with something, it’s just difficult for the body to build mass, and weight gain becomes a difficult but doable task.

It is necessary to deal with the distribution of training time and adjust the diet. All calories the body receives should contribute to the active muscle mass. Nutrition should be balanced, and training should be correct. As a result, you can achieve your goal and gain muscle weight.


When visiting a gym or fitness center, you need to understand exactly what results you are achieving and what you expect from classes. Often, young women and men train to acquire a beautifully sculpted body and build muscle.

Skinny guys weighing up to 50 kg set a goal to gain 60 kg. If the initial weight reaches 60 kg, many wish to reach the weight category of 85 kg. And so on. But only some know and understand how to achieve this.

Build Muscle mass
Build Muscle mass


Gaining body weight requires a proper diet and the use of certain foods. At the same time, it is important to eat well and in the right amount; otherwise, you will not gain muscle weight.

It is optional to eat only fiber-rich, low-calorie vegetables; it is important to give preference to foods high in calories. For muscle development, bodybuilders, for example, consume 40 kcal per 1 kg of weight.

Proper nutrition plays a very important role; in particular, the combination of products is important. It is wrong to use mono products; These include the following ratios:

  • egg white and fruit;
  • oatmeal and vegetables.

All this, of course, is healthy food, but this diet is completely unsuitable for such a goal as gaining muscle mass. It is preferable to choose dishes with more calories:

  • meat;legumes;
  • vegetable puree;
  • whole eggs (white with yolk);
  • dried fruits

High-calorie food helps to restore the calories expended and increase them quickly. The diet should include a variety of foods.

It is important to learn how to count kilocalories correctly. If you need a set of muscle mass, you need to start with 30 kcal per kilogram of your weight and continue for a week, then gradually increase. Adhere to the following rules:


  • proteins – 30%;
  • fats – 15%;
  • carbohydrates – 55%.

A man with a weight of 100 kg should consume 3000 calories per day; after 2-3 weeks, this indicator should be increased and, if possible, quickly switch to a norm of 40 kcal per 1 kg of weight. It is important to increase your calorie intake gradually. At the same time, remember that the proportions of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates must be correct.


Instead of cutting calories, you need to eat more and do it as often as possible. So a person tells his body that he has a constant supply of energy necessary for muscle growth. The body should not be stressed: it decides what to do with calories and whether to turn them into fat or muscle. And this is exactly what happens when a person is malnourished.


Eat every 3 hours, provide three full meals daily, and have 3-4 high-calorie snacks. You can’t burn fat and build muscle at the same time. In this case, a person either does not eat up or overeats.


If muscle building is difficult, add an extra meal before bed. It should be a snack, which includes slowly digestible protein: granular cheese and a casein protein shake.


Sleeping at least 8 hours a day is important, and the body is starving. Slow-digesting proteins and carbohydrates are processed by the body at night and help muscle growth better than fast-digesting proteins.


Eat by the clock and weigh yourself regularly and keep track of calories. If you notice that body weight does not increase when you weigh at least 500 g daily, you need to review your diet, add more bioavailable food, and increase the frequency of meals.


Muscle building is impossible without protein – a natural material for building cells. During meals, the body uses the consumed carbohydrates, fats, and proteins to regulate metabolic processes. You can help your body successfully maintain and build muscle mass by consuming protein at every meal. Protein also helps keep you full. Try to eat about 20 grams of protein with each meal.


An average person needs 0.8-1 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight. When this minimum is reached, muscle weight can be increased without problems. You can get protein from natural products, these are eggs, meat, dairy products, nuts, and lentils.


In the case of eating more protein per 1 kg of body weight, it cannot be argued that in this way, you will gain weight faster. The body converts excess calories at the end of the day into fat if you overeat or have the energy required. To avoid being mistaken, it is recommended to use special online calculators and calculate how much protein and calories you need to consume per day.


Sports nutrition is actively used during muscle gain. But a protein shake can serve as a good productive supplement and improves metabolic processes, but its use in its pure form will not give the desired results.

An important role is played by the time for eating: it helps the food to be absorbed by the body faster. Eating in small portions strictly on the clock, with an interval of 3-4 hours, and observing a sleep break of at least 10 hours is recommended.


If it is difficult to get all the daily protein you need from your diet, you can use a ready-made protein powder. Scitec Protein is a complete protein source and a good meal replacement. It will help speed up the recovery and endurance processes during intense exercise, which will quickly improve the results of gaining muscle weight.


Not everyone can cook different dishes every day for variety and a sufficient amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates consumed; there is not enough time, or there is no desire. In this case, sports nutrition becomes an ideal option. This is a concentrated set of the most necessary and bioavailable substances. But we must remember that harmonious weight gain is impossible without creatine, gainers, and vitamin complexes.

Build Muscle mass


Muscles grow best when they are under stress. With regular strength training, you can achieve the maximum result by practicing weight lifting. During the process, all muscles are subjected to maximum stress.


For simultaneous stimulation of several muscle groups at once, the following are best suited:

  • pull-ups;
  • deadlift;
  • weighted squats;
  • bench presses.

You can use another technique without lifting weights. This is an increase in the frequency of repetition of exercises, due to which the muscles will tire.

If you increase reps as you progress, your body will not get used to the weight it thinks should no longer increase.

If you do 3 sets of 10 reps per week, you need to increase the number of repetitions next week and do 3 sets of 12 reps and so on. You can reduce the rest between sets to 2-3 minutes.


Don’t be afraid to push your limits with every workout. But here, it is important to understand the difference between activity, which is useful and working on yourself in the gym to the point of exhaustion. Exercise correctly to the maximum muscle tension. Studies conducted in the USA have proven that this approach contributes to greater strength and muscle growth. But it will take more time to recover, and this is important. When an increase in the number of repetitions in one approach does not improve strength indicators but exhausts the muscles, tactics should be changed.


Single exercises must be replaced with combinations, and the main part of the training is built exactly according to this scheme; they include isolating and compound exercises. For example, a large bench press is the main, and a flight is an isolating exercise. The combination helps to engage more muscle groups.

If your training plan includes more than one isolation exercise for each body part, except for calves, biceps, shoulders, and forearms, replace several with more complex combination exercises.



It is important to drink enough water, especially during workouts. Not only will dehydration not help you increase muscle mass, but it can also cause health problems. It is also important to know that the lack of fluid in the body impairs muscle recovery.


After training, you need to consume carbohydrates with active muscle building. If you need to facilitate muscle gain, you can plan how to consume carbohydrates with food to benefit the body.


The most favorable period for using carbohydrates is the time after training. Then the body will burn calories more actively, which helps to prevent the local accumulation of fat.


The body should be well rested after exercise, as the muscles need to be restored. When a person sleeps, growth hormone is released in the body, which helps build muscle mass.


You must reconsider your training plan and nutrition if you can’t quickly increase body weight. There is no single opinion on what training plan and nutrition are right for everyone. Everyone’s body is different; accordingly, it is necessary to adapt training and diet to your needs carefully. Someone focuses on sports nutrition and needs more calories, while other athletes devote more time to training.


It is important to challenge yourself and continue at the same type of training for several months. Loads must be increased: otherwise, the body will adapt to the usual load, and the muscles will not grow.


It is necessary to leave the comfort zone to achieve goals if the motivation is high enough, of course. If you prefer to avoid some exercises, you need to overcome yourself and focus on them. For example, you do not like push-ups, so start each workout with push-ups and do this exercise as often as possible. To make the load enjoyable, listen to music, and chat with friends during class.



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