Sports and Game News Site in Vietnam

Sports and Game News Site in Vietnam

Whether you like playing football, cricket, poker or other types of games, you might have heard of the new online sports and game news site in Vietnam, 8Xbet. This website is designed to make it easy for you to keep up with sports and gaming news in Vietnam. In fact, you can sign up for free to find out all the latest news, games, and events.

Thanh Nien Newspaper

Xemtructiep sports news in Vietnam on 8Xbet is one of the fastest growing sports news sites in Vietnam. The website provides comprehensive coverage of all popular sports events in the country. It offers expert commentary for all major football matches. It also features a live video feed, a betting game, and a forum for discussion. The site updates its content regularly. It is available in Vietnamese and English, and is accessible via PC or mobile devices.

Xem the Thai 789 is a reputable sports news site in Vietnam. It has a wide range of sports coverage, including soccer, tennis, cricket, and more. It is run by a team of vetted professionals and updates its content 24 hours a day. offers a comprehensive calendar of sporting events in Vietnam, along with video content, articles, and live scores. is one of the most popular football coverage sites in the country.


Xem the Thai 789

Xem the Thai 789 is a popular football news site in Vietnam. It features live scores and coverage of national and international football events. The site also features videos and articles on the sport. It is also partnered with local television stations.

The site is also updated twenty-four hours a day. You can find news on local and international football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and other sports. The site also offers tickets to sporting events. It also offers a refund management service.

Another site that is popular in Vietnam is YeuTheThao. The site features articles and videos on different sports and games. The site also offers tickets for sporting events and live reports of international football events.



Xemtructiep online sports and game news site in Vietnam is not a name you would necessarily think of, but it is a website that is popular amongst Vietnamese sports fans. This site provides news and analysis on a wide variety of sports including football and basketball. It also provides information on local leagues and upcoming sporting events.

Some are more popular than others. Some of the more popular websites include 8Xbet and YeuTheThao. There is also a website called Tuoi Tre News which provides breaking news in Vietnamese.

In addition to these sites, there are other lesser known sites that provide sports news. Some of these websites include Lao Dong Online which provides 24-hour news coverage. There is also a site called Thao 247 which specializes in football news. There is also a site called BongDa which provides live coverage of a wide range of sports including football.


Lao Dong Online

Whether you’re a Vietnamese sports lover or just love sports, you can check out the 8Xbet Lao Dong online sports and game news site for updated football news. The site has an extensive video library, sports tickets, and live scores. You can also play sports prediction games and win prizes for the games you predict.

Another website that specializes in Vietnamese sports news is the Xem the Thai 789. Its fast-paced website offers extensive coverage of major sports events in Vietnam. The site has a large community of sports devotees and is updated reliably. They also offer tickets for sporting events, betting games, and a forum for discussions on major events.

Lao Dong Online is a digital news website, which is updated daily. They cover a wide range of topics including news, entertainment, and health. have articles written by seasoned writers, as well as video content. They also have a mobile application for iPhones and Android devices.


YouSport Vietnam

Besides local newspapers, Vietnam has also seen the growth of several sports news websites. These websites provide detailed information on a variety of sports. Some of these sites also provide live scores and predictions.

One of the most popular sports news websites in Vietnam is YouSport. This website offers news and scores on sports, including football. The website also features a sports community and tickets for sports events. You can access the site from your computer or mobile device and participate in games to win prizes. YouSport also offers a prediction game where you can predict which team will win a Game News.

This website offers in-depth coverage of all major sporting events in Vietnam. It also features articles written by sports experts. The site is updated throughout the day and has a forum for discussion. EightX also provides expert commentary on all major football matches. It also has a calendar of upcoming sporting events.



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