Is GoodNotes or Notability better?

Is GoodNotes or Notability better?

Being capable of taking virtual notes on an iPad is one of its exceptional functions however is likewise something that has customers closely divided. The query every person has been inquiring for years is — GoodNotes vs Notability, which one is higher? Read For more information

GoodNotes vs Notability

GoodNotes five


  • You can have different page styles in each book. This means you can have different colored pages backgrounds with various designs.
  • Tons of templates to choose from.
  • Has an outline view, which is useful when you’re going through a PDF with tons of pages.
  • When you switch to eraser and erase your writing, it automatically switches back to pen mode when you’re done.
  • Allows you to open the app in separate windows and separate tabs. This can be really useful when multitasking between different books.
  • It’s easy to save a custom paper and reuse it later if you save it as a template.
  • The highlight marker is pretty great.


  • Pages are separated, and students might find this annoying when they reach the bottom of a page and wish to continue writing.
  • The copy-past process is a bit tedious.
  • Taking a quick note is a bit of a task in GoodNotes, with users usually choosing the regular Notes app instead.
  • It doesn’t have the audio recording feature that Notability offers, which allows you to scroll to a point in the lecture and check your notes.
  • Opening heavier PDF files causes the app to lag a bit.
  • When you rotate your iPad, you need to double-tap the screen to rotate the page each time.
  • You cannot select and drag an image, or any object, across pages.



  • The audio recording feature is very beneficial for students as it lets you reference the audio of your lecture and compare it with your notes. You can also scroll and access different pages, and the audio will be in sync.
  • Automatically adds pages as you write, without the distraction of having to add a new page.
  • Has a color selector tool that can be very useful when you’re pressed for time and need to know the hex code for a specific color.
  • The UI is very snappy.
  • Drawing shapes is a lot more intuitive.


  • You can’t open the same note in separate windows.
  • You have to pay for the premium package for all the good features.
  • Collaborating with others on notes is not user-friendly.
  • Only five levels of folder hierarchy.

and operating specialists who won’t use something however Notability, and vice versa! So who do you believe? The solution is us! We’ve determined to address this Notability vs GoodNotes assessment and provide you with our opinion on which one to pick. Read on!

GoodNotes vs Notability

GoodNotes and Notability have each been around for greater than ten years, with Notability having made its debut in 2010, accompanied by the aid of using GoodNotes much less than a yr later. Both apps revel in a top-notch reputation, and software program assistance from each corporation has been top-notch over the years, with consistent development to functions and adapting to more recent iPad models. Good time to remind you, men, that we wrote a bit approximately the exceptional be aware-taking apps for iPads!

GoodNotes five NotabilityGoodNotes vs Notability:

Features Face to Face Now that the desk has proven our maximum of the variations among those aware-taking apps, let’s spoil it down further. User interface While Goodnotes five and Notability are each minimalist in layout, we located the consumer interface of Notability to be greater straightforward. A lot of operations that you execute at the same time as writing away furiously appear intuitive on Notability. Though we should add, innovative human beings may revel in the diverse alternatives that GoodNotes gives as well. The pocketbook covers, in particular, may also win hearts because it seems visually appealing. We favored GoodNotes due to the fact including custom paper templates in the app’s library is quite easy.


When it involves format, GoodNotes five wins towards Notability.

The motive is an easy one — we adore nested folders. While Notability isn’t terrible at all (you get to peer a completely easy-pane format with all of your books at the left and previews at the right), we believe that human beings would love the countless folder gadget that GoodNotes gives, in comparison to the 5 folder restriction on Notability. Different subjects could have heaps of subsets, and GoodNotes saved that during thoughts at the same time as designing its app.

We additionally cherished the bookmarking gadget of GoodNotes.

Bookmarks turned into any other win for GoodNotes five, because it’s a treasured feature, and we neglected it in Notability. Collaborating on mission notes will colleagues or fellow college students is a chunk simpler on GoodNotes five, as you get real-time syncing and might see the modifications made. Collaborating on Notability, on the opposite hand, is simplest viable if the opposite individual has a Notability account as well.

Note-taking/Writing enjoy

Writing on both of those apps is a delight. The palm rejection is adequate, and the UI is intelligently organized so that the gear you maximum want to apply is a short faucet away. Many customers of GoodNotes declare that their handwriting is lots higher than Notability, however, our exams couldn’t affirm this. While the enjoyment of writing on GoodNotes vs Notability is sincerely different, we located each of them to be similarly good. We needed to make this spherical tie!


These be aware apps have much gear that you could have visible in layout software program inclusive Photoshop, and those gear are a blessing for the reason that you could be bendy together along with your be aware-taking. Let’s take a look at the variations among those gear on each Notability and GoodNotes five below.


The pen device on GoodNotes five and Notability are a form of similar, with GoodNotes imparting Ballpoint, Fountain, and Brush pens, while Notability offers you Ballpoint, Fountain, Dashed, and Dotted pens to write down with. The gear paintings beautifully, and at the same time as GoodNotes five gives you Small, Medium, and Large sizes to pick from on the pinnacle of the screen (with a scroll bar commencing on a double-faucet), we surely favored the pressure-touchy pen device that Notability gives, as this allowed us to make the writing appearance greater realistic, in addition, to bask in a few doodling at the same time as we worked! The Notability pen wins!


Notability helps you to kind at once at the web page in which you need to feature a textual content field, however, that is a terrible concept because it rearranges the strains and the grid. Instead, you could pick the Text device, draw a field, and be kind to it. In assessment, you could kind on GoodNotes five, and the textual content field app



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