How Can People Build Personal Connections with Each Other?

How Can People Build Personal Connections with Each Other?

Not many people know the importance of having numerous personal connections. Just like food, shelter, and water, building these connections with other human beings is an absolute necessity. People need the assistance of each other in every walk of life. This may include being there for someone at their worst, asking an IT support company for assistance with IT services, or even just as moral support for someone in their good times.   


Many people consider themselves to be introverted and never bother going down this road of essential connectivity. However, it is fully under one’s control to tear down their walls and let others in to build meaningful connections with them. Humans are wired to be creatures that are social and hence need to learn the art of being socially connected. 


Here are a few ways to aid you in forging powerful personal connections: 


Try to Be Honest 


Trust issues are a norm among the mass majority and hence nothing puts off a person more than the feeling of being attacked, misled, or lied to. You should be completely honest about your opinions when offering a heated or divergent viewpoint. Anyone can sense when someone is lying to or misleading them. This results in them being less receptive. In order to establish a personal connection based on trust and one where you both find a common ground; you need to approach them with honesty and present earnest reasons for your asked outcome or decision.  

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Respect the Boundaries of Others 


You can easily be aware of someone’s limits, once you really get to understand and know them. Some people might not be very comfortable sharing their personal life, while others might be uncomfortable talking about work-related stuff. Whatever the case, it is essential that you figure out each other’s comfort zones and try not to trespass on any boundaries unless the other person gets comfortable in sharing things themselves. If you push someone to share stuff that they otherwise wouldn’t want, just for the sake of a connection, you’ll end up leaving them with no choice but to kill the relationship.  



Try to take it slow and gradually take your conversation beyond just the basic facts. If you sense the other person is getting comfortable with you, try moving towards more intimate conversations while assessing their comfort simultaneously. You can start by asking them about their future plans, there hobbies, what they’re passionate about, and their fears. Showing that you are willing to open up to them will give them the confidence to share more too.  

Pay Attention 


The true essence of any personal connection is presence. Everyone has a lot on their plates at all times. Hence, it can be very easy to lose focus and zone out. However, during a personal communication, it is absolutely necessary that you stay focused and present in the moment.  



People might easily get offended if they notice that your mind is elsewhere. Furthermore, if you’re not fully focused on the ongoing conversation, you may easily tick them off. This is so because humans tend to feel devalued when they notice you don’t consider them important enough to intently listen to what they’re saying. Hence, it is necessary that you do whatever it takes from letting your mind wander off during such situations.  


Be Understanding Towards Them 


Personal connectivity can easily start to dwindle. This happens if you’re not understanding or considerate enough of the actions or words of others. It is unreasonable to take any problems or reservations discussed by the other person, personally. In fact, you can cater to this situation by simply using empathy statements. Moreover, you can give them the consolation that you fully understand them and their issues. Try keeping calm throughout the issue and come up with a solution that is beneficial for both of you. If you feel you might not be able to control your emotions, think clearly about the effect your actions might have in the long run.  

Show Empathy 


The best way you can relate to someone and feel what they’re feeling is to try putting yourself in their shoes. People who are able to excel in maintaining strong personal connections are generally likely to be more empathetic. A strong connection is automatically forged when you empathize with someone. When somebody brings their problems to you, respond by hypothetically putting yourself in their place and helping in whichever way you can. Your solutions can either be long-term or short-term to see massive changes.  




Building connections is a vital block in your tower of personal growth. It is impossible to survive in this world without any human interaction. The tips mentioned above are not any extraordinary skills that only certain people possess. In fact, they’re within each and every human being. It is only a matter of changing mindsets and letting go of trust issues until people realize how easy it is to develop bonds




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