LiAngelo Ball Stats: A Look at the Basketball Player’s Career

LiAngelo Ball Stats: A Look at the Basketball Player’s Career

LiAngelo Ball is a professional basketball player known for his time at the Junior Basketball Association (JBA) and his short stint with the Detroit Pistons in the NBA. Despite being the younger brother of NBA players Lonzo Ball and LaMelo Ball, LiAngelo has had a somewhat turbulent career. In this article, we will take a closer look at LiAngelo Ball’s stats and his basketball journey so far.


LiAngelo Ball’s Stats in the JBA

The Junior Basketball Association was founded in 2018 as a professional basketball league for young players who didn’t want to go to college. LiAngelo Ball was one of the players who joined the league’s inaugural season.

In the JBA, LiAngelo played for the Los Angeles Ballers and was the team’s leading scorer. He averaged 52.4 points, 13.8 rebounds, and 1.6 steals per game. Despite his impressive numbers, the league only lasted one season, and LiAngelo was not able to use it as a stepping stone to the NBA.


LiAngelo Ball’s Stats in the NBA

LiAngelo Ball’s NBA career has been limited to a brief stint with the Detroit Pistons in 2021. He was signed to the team’s training camp roster but was eventually waived before the regular season began.

During his time with the Pistons, LiAngelo appeared in three preseason games. He played a total of 10 minutes and scored five points, including one three-pointer. He also had one rebound, one assist, and one steal.

LiAngelo’s stats in the NBA are not significant, but his brief appearance on an NBA team was a step in the right direction. With hard work and continued improvement, he may have the opportunity to play for an NBA team in the future.

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LiAngelo Ball’s College Career

Before his professional career, LiAngelo played college basketball for one season at UCLA. However, his college career was cut short after a highly publicized incident in China.

In 2017, LiAngelo was arrested in China for shoplifting while on a team trip with UCLA. The incident sparked controversy, and LiAngelo and two of his teammates were suspended from the team. LiAngelo eventually left UCLA and began his professional basketball career with the JBA.



Q: Is LiAngelo Ball still playing basketball?

A: Yes, LiAngelo Ball is currently playing for the G League Ignite team, which is affiliated with the NBA G League.

Q: What is LiAngelo Ball’s playing style?

A: LiAngelo is known for his scoring ability and is often compared to his brother, LaMelo Ball, who is currently playing for the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA.

Q: Will LiAngelo Ball ever play in the NBA?

A: It is unclear whether LiAngelo Ball will ever play in the NBA. He is currently playing in the G League and will need to continue to improve his game to have a chance of being signed by an NBA team.



LiAngelo Ball is a professional basketball player with a unique career path. He has played in the JBA and had a short stint with the Detroit Pistons in the NBA. His stats in both leagues are impressive, but his career has been overshadowed by controversy, including his arrest in China while playing for UCLA. Despite these setbacks, LiAngelo is continuing to work hard and improve his game in the G League. It remains to be seen whether he will have the opportunity to play in the NBA, but his determination and passion for the game are admirable.



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