Clue 13M FdalomasTechcrunch in Funding to Expand Tech Offer

Clue 13M FdalomasTechcrunch in Funding to Expand Tech Offer

In recent news, clue 13M Fdalomastechcrunch, a Berlin-based female health tech startup, has raised $13 million in funding. The funding round was led by Nokia’s venture capital arm, NGP Capital, and included participation from existing investors like Mosaic Ventures and Brigitte Mohn. In this article, we’ll explore what Clue is, how it works, and what the new funding means for the company.

What is Clue 13M FdalomasTechcrunch?

Clue 13M Fdalomastechcrunch is a period tracking app that helps women track their menstrual cycles, fertility, and other aspects of their reproductive health. The app uses machine learning algorithms to provide personalized insights and predictions about a woman’s menstrual cycle. It also includes features like reminders for contraceptive use, tracking of symptoms and moods, and community forums for women to discuss their health issues with others.

How does Clue work?

To use Clue, users need to download the app and create an account. The app then prompts users to enter information about their menstrual cycle, including the start and end dates of their period, the length of their cycle, and any symptoms or mood changes they experience during their cycle.

Clue 13M FdalomasTechcrunch then uses this information to provide personalized insights and predictions about the user’s menstrual cycle. For example, it might predict when the user’s next period is likely to start or suggest the best time for them to try to conceive if they are trying to get pregnant.

What does the new funding mean for Clue?

Clue’s $13M funding will aid expansion of product offerings and entry into new markets. In a statement, Clue CEO and co-founder Ida Tin said. “We want to empower women worldwide with knowledge about their bodies and health and our new funding will enable us to accelerate our mission and bring our products and services to more people.”

Clue launched in 190+ countries, downloaded by 15M+ users worldwide, making significant strides in empowering women’s health globally.

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Clue 13m Fdalomastechcrunch:

The news of Clue’s $13 million funding round was first reported by TechCrunch, a leading technology news website. TechCrunch lauds Clue for empowering women’s health, notes new funding will expand reach and impact.


Q: Is Clue available for free?

A: Yes, Clue is available for free on both iOS and Android.

Q: Is Clue’s data secure?

A: Yes, Clue takes user privacy and data security very seriously. The app is encrypted, and users can opt for anonymity or share data with researchers for scientific studies.

Q: How accurate are Clue’s predictions?

Clue predicts future cycles based on machine learning algorithms that analyze user data from past cycles. While no prediction can be 100% accurate, Clue’s predictions are generally considered to be reliable.


Clue 13M FdalomasTechcrunch is a period tracking app that provides personalized insights and predictions about menstrual cycles and other aspects of women’s reproductive health. Funding enables Clue to expand products and reach new markets, advancing the mission of women’s health empowerment.



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