RD Whittington The Man Behind the World’s Most Expensive Cars

RD Whittington The Man Behind the World’s Most Expensive Cars

RD Whittington is a name that is well-known among car enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. He is the founder and CEO of Wires Only, a luxury car dealership based in California that deals with some of the most expensive and rarest cars in the world. RD Whittington is renowned for his expertise in the luxury car market, his incredible networking skills, and his ability to acquire some of the most coveted cars in the world. In this article, we will delve into the life and career of RD Whittington and how he became the man behind the world’s most expensive cars.

Early Life and Career

RD Whittington was born in the United States in the early 1980s. From a young age, he had a passion for luxury cars and would spend hours reading about them in magazines and online forums. As he got older, his interest in cars only grew, and he began to attend car shows and auctions to learn more about them. In his late teens, he started buying and selling cars on his own, building up a small collection of luxury cars.

After finishing high school, RD Whittington decided to pursue a career in the car industry. He started working for a dealership in California, where he gained valuable experience in car sales and networking. Recognizing his passion for luxury cars, he ventured into his own business, focusing on high-end vehicles.

The Birth of Wires Only

Established in 2011 by RD Whittington, Wires Only is a luxury car dealership renowned for its selection of high-end vehicles. The dealership’s name, “Wires Only,” reflects its exclusive acceptance of wired transfers and upfront payment for car ownership.

Through expanding his network, Whittington obtained some of the world’s rarest and most desired cars in the luxury market. His reputation grew due to his knack for acquiring exclusive limited edition and supercars that weren’t accessible to the public. His reputation grew quickly, and soon, he was dealing with clients from all over the world.

Catering to a distinguished clientele of celebrities, royalty, and affluent entrepreneurs, Wires Only is a well-regarded luxury car dealership today. Synonymous with the world’s rarest and priciest cars, Whittington has achieved legendary status in the luxury car market.

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RD Whittington’s Legacy

People will remember Whittington’s legacy in the luxury car market for years to come. Revolutionizing luxury car sales and acquiring the most coveted cars made him a legendary figure among collectors and enthusiasts.

Today, RD Whittington continues to run Wires Only, and his love for luxury cars has not waned. His passion for luxury cars remains strong as he constantly seeks the next big thing in the market.


RD Whittington is a name that is synonymous with luxury cars and high-end car sales. His expertise, networking skills, and ability to acquire some of the rarest and most expensive cars in the world have made him a legend in the car industry. RD Whittington’s continued success at Wires Only assures his lasting legacy in the luxury car market.


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